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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a "catchall" phrase that includes several activities, including:

Competitive Analysis

During a competitive analysis, we find out what your competitors are doing for search engine marketing, and what mistakes they are making. How can we beat them? A competitive analyis helps you learn from your competitors to see what needs to be done to ensure you will get your share of online business.

Search Engine Optmization

Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your web site as "search engine friendly" as possible, to help the search engines understand exactly what your web site is about so they can include your site in search results. Proper Search Engine Optimization is important if you want your web site to be easy for the search engines to read. While a website's search engine optimization can be improved, ideally optimization should be part of the site design, not an afterthought.

It consists of several steps:

  • Keyword Research: What are your potential customers typing into the search engines? This is something we need to know BEFORE we begin to plan your website.
  • Site planning and building: Based on your web site purpose and your potential customer, the site structure is planned, the "look and feel" is designed and the actual pages are built.
  • Site Optimization: Everything to do with a site, from the directory structure to the text copy on the page, affects the search engines' "opinion" of your web site. Even copywriting must be geared for both the human web visitor and search engine; while many copywriting principles hold for both print and web, web copywriting IS very different from print copywriting. Anyone who tells you it's the same doesn't know what they are talking about. Allow us to massage your print copy for optimal human and search usability.

Directory Submission and Link Building

When your site has been planned, built, optimized and tested, it is ready to launch! With no links to your web site, the only visitors you have will be those who carefully type in your URL into the address bar of their browser. What you need is some quality links from other websites to yours. It really isn't necessary to submit your new site to Google and other search engines of that type, because once you have a few links to your site it will show up automatically. Incoming links to your web site will come naturally as others find your web site with its useful content. However, you can speed this up by seeking out other web sites that potentially might link to you and direct visitors to your site.

Directories include specialty directories such as regional or topical ones that match your site's content. Depending on the topic of your web site, supplementary paid listings may be helpful.

Link building is an ongoing process: For reciprocal linking, where another site links to yours and you link back to them, the web site owner can identify potential linking partners and email them directly regarding a link exchange. Complementary sites - those who are not in direct competition with yours but share the same potential customer base, are the best ones to contact. We can also do that for you, ultimately showing you a list of potential websites for possible reciprocal linking.




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